Solutions for intralogistics and material handling

We develop and produce intralogistics solutions for the transport and traceability of loads within production areas. The competences that Intralogika can provide range from the simulation of material flows inside the production area to the development of the hardware part integrated by the software logic.

Both consultancy service and hardware and software realization are entirely provided by internal staff.

Intralogika is born as a partner for manufacturers of processing machines and systems for the storage of products who need consultation on material handling and intralogistics solutions.


A harmonious customer-oriented team

Intralogika is born as a division of Technowrapp, a company that since 2002 has been designing and producing pallet stretch wrapping machines  and transportation systems. Technowrapp is recognized by its customers as a brilliant company, where you breathe all the enthusiasm and passion that people put into their work.

A climate of collaboration and efficient internal organization guarantees the respect of deadlines, great flexibility and speed in responses.

Intralogika is born in this same spirit, determined to preserve the values and the standard that are recognised to Technowrapp, also for its services and its intralogistics solutions.


Born for system integrators

Intralogika is a partner for companies looking to integrate their facilities with intralogistics systems for transport and handling of loads. We know our customers’ needs, and on the basis of those needs we have organized ourselves in order to be flexible and to provide prompt answers during all phases of the project. Our project managers work alongside the customer from design to final testing, to obtain a fully functioning intralogistics system at our site, in compliance with previously agreed times and specifications.


Dedicated internal experts in all phases of the project

Analysis, design, construction and programming are all activities carried out by internal staff. For this reason we are a partner who takes full responsibility for the intralogistics project, without the involvement of intermediaries. In this way we achieve the best results in terms of reliability and performance.

The company

Intralogika was born in 2017 as a division of Technowrapp, a company that designs and produces pallet stretch wrapping machines  and transportation systems. Intralogika wants to give to its customers an even more comprehensive offer, specializing in the design and implementation of customized solutions for intralogistics, studied to handle and track goods inside production lines.
Our strength is the service we give to our customers at all stages before, during and after the installation of our intralogistics system. We are a harmonious team, creative and dynamic, constantly looking for reliable solutions designed in close collaboration with the customer.

What we do

Intralogika designs intralogistics solutions for the transport and traceability of loads within production areas. We produce devices for material handling and we develop complex software that can be used with simple gestures thanks to the employ of GUI interfaces (Graphic User Interface) designed in collaboration with our customers.

Services and software solutions for intralogistics

  • Design and realization of both hardware and software for installations in intralogistics
  • Analysis of flows and consulting for customized solutions
  • Simulations of material flows, for the correct dimensioning of the entire installation
  • Emulation for testing the software both on already existing systems and on future installations
  • Identification and marking systems
  • Advanced traceability with RFID systems
  • Software realisation for supervision, tracking data and synoptics
  • Analysis and study of solutions for data collection on cloud platform
  • Interface with management systems
  • Data collection and visualization on mobile devices with IloT technologies (Industrial Internet of Things)
  • Safe interaction with installations through context-sensitive touch pads
  • Planning and control of the production (MES Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Systems validation according to IQ – OQ – GAMP 5 protocols

Hardware solutions for material handling

  • Roller conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Rotary platforms
  • Rollers/chains transfer devices
  • Elevators and descenders
  • Load stacking devices
  • Load centring devices
  • Rail shuttles RGV
  • Empty pallets dispensers

After sales assistance

Our after sales service is at your side for the whole lifetime of your installation, because we dedicate to maintenance the same passion we put into production. It is guaranteed by contract, we are available for departure within 24 hours from your call. Our technicians are enabled with specific courses, selective visits and years of experience in the field. Only those who meet Intralogika standards are authorized to certify our intralogistics installations.

Case history

Efficient intralogistics: solutions to optimise end-of-line production flows

August 7, 2018
Technowrapp and Intralogika work and complement one another in complete synergy and don’t just deal with final clients, but also seek to create solid partnerships with system integrators, companies that integrate the wrapping and handling solutions provided by Technowrapp and Intralogika into

The era of smart intralogistics systems 4.0

September 19, 2017
Let us introduce here an intralogistics system composed of a pallet handling system line and a Technowrapp pallet wrapping machine that we have realised for a customer of ours in the beverage sector. His need was to connect the production line on the ground floor to the warehouse on the first

Intralogistics: from virtual to real

September 13, 2017
On 2017 Intralogika designed an intralogistics system for an English customer who works in pharmaceutical sector. Customer’s need was to install an intralogistics system (hardware and software) able to handling trucks that contains medical equipment. The system will become an interface with

Shuttles for management of double and simultaneous missions

September 14, 2017
On 2016 we designed an intralogistics system made up of inox conveyors and two shuttle with double load station. This plant was designed for a German customer who works in pharmaceutical sector and his main need was to have a fast intralogistics system able to move trucks (that contain medical