Intralogistics: from virtual to real

By Cristiana De Gasperin 3 years ago
Intralogistics system | Power by Intralogika

Full automation intralogistics system (red part)

On 2017 Intralogika designed an intralogistics system for an English customer who works in pharmaceutical sector.

Customer’s need was to install an intralogistics system (hardware and software) able to handling trucks that contains medical equipment. The system will become an interface with 7 autoclaves, 12 robotized islands, 4 return lines and a total of 55 pickup and drop-off stations.

The functioning of the full automatic configuration of the plant has been tested and adapted to customer requirements through simulation programs.

From this simulation we made our purpose: a system composed of 4 RGV shuttles, 470 metres of conveyors and a complex software program managed by 10 PLCs (4 PLC for safety control).
This intralogistics system will be develop in 7 steps. The first part is now installed and tested, later implementations will be fully tested in virtual commissioning. In this way the customer has this benefits:
– reduction of installation times and machine downtimes;
– the customer can both virtually see system operation and request any possible modification of flow, before putting into production.



Shuttle communication type



Shuttle with dedicated and modular software


1 Master PLC to control the loading zone
1 Master PLC to control the unloading zone
1 interface module for  the loading of autoclaves
1 interface module for the return of empty trucks to the loading side
1 interface module for  the unloading of autoclaves
1 interface module for the return of empty trucks to the unloading side
For each shuttle:
1 master PLC
1 PLC for safety management


Lifting device integrated on the shuttle in order to reach different heights
Motorized conveyor for the loading and unloading of autoclaves through a rack
Distributed junction boxes for mobile panel



  Case history
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