Shuttles for management of double and simultaneous missions

By Cristiana De Gasperin 3 years ago
Shuttle with double load station | Intralogika

Shuttle with double load station for managing loading and unloading missions at the same time

On 2016 we designed an intralogistics system made up of inox conveyors and two shuttle with double load station. This plant was designed for a German customer who works in pharmaceutical sector and his main need was to have a fast intralogistics system able to move trucks (that contain medical equipment) to autoclaves for sterilization and than to warehouse for storage. To satisfy his high production level we didn’t design a system with one station shuttles, because the shuttles has a safety speed limit, but we suggested a different solution: we optimized this plant with double station shuttles programmed for managing loading and unloading of full and empty trucks at the same time. The system with double station shuttles will be twice as fast as the same system with only one station shuttles.

Features of the system

– The system manages the handling of trucks between 2 autoclaves and 2 robots with 12 pickup and drop-off stations
– Management of double and simultaneous missions: the shuttle serves 2 stations managing loading and unloading of full and empty trucks at the same time
– Handling of 300 trucks per day
– Shuttle with dedicated and modular software


– 1 Master PLC to control the loading zone
– 1 Master PLC to control the unloading zone
– On each shuttle: 1 master PLC + 1 PLC for safety management

  Case history
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