Manage and replenish four palletizing areas

Sector: Tissue // Place: South America

Manage and replenish four palletizing areas

Customer requirement

Manage and replenish four palletizing areas.

Special features

Optimize the load handling flows, managing with a shuttle the loading operations from 10 stations and unloading on 6 stations.
The shuttle can handle up to 642 different types of missions


  • 7 robot palletizers (supplied and managed by Customer)
  • 1 double-seat RGV shuttle with 30-meter travel
  • 81 meters of conveyors
  • 9 hydraulic platforms with compactor to align the pallet
  • 2 P60 rotating platform wrappers
  • 2 PLC + 2 safety PLCs + 4 remote modules

A single contact for hardware and software integration

Intralogika is a division of Technowrapp and they work closely to design and produce integrated handling systems.

Every system is developed by listening to the customer’s requirements. We target end customers and system integrators with whom we establish solid partnerships for the integration of systems with wrapping and handling machinery.