A close-knit team that oversees
every pallet along its route

Why Intralogika 01

Why Intralogika

Born for System Integrators

We know our customers' needs, and depending on these needs, we are structured to be flexible and to guarantee prompt answers at all stages of the project. Our Project Managers work side to side with the customer from the design stage until the final testing, so that the system is fully operational at our premises in compliance with the agreed timeframe and specifications.

Our distinctive characters 02

Zero delays

Zero delays

We respect delivery times



We guarantee the departure of our technicians within 24h



We provide quick solutions

Reasons for choosing us 03

Reasons for choosing us

Dedicated internal staff at every stage of the process

Analysis, design, construction, and programming are all carried out by internal personnel. This is why we are a partner who takes full responsibility for the intralogistics project, without the involvement of third parties.

This is how we achieve the best results in terms of reliability and performance.

A company made of people 04

A close-knit team

Everyone needs to contribute towards taking care of the atmosphere within the company. Colleagues are expected to be polite to one another at all times in Technowrapp, no matter what the situation. Voices must never be raised because raising your voice shows that your points of view are weak.

Each person’s work must be viewed within the wider context with the whole of Technowrapp. We cannot improve our work to the detriment of that of others. We must always strive towards overall improvement.

If you are looking for a professional work experience in an international company, apply for the job vacancies or send us your CV.

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Certifications 05

A guarantee of reliability for customers, suppliers and partners.

The most important international certifications, testifying to the efforts and resources dedicated to achieving the highest quality standards.

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