Our proposal

In a partnership relationship, we design, build and program product handling systems.

What we do

What we do

Services and software solutions for intralogistics

  • Design and realization of both hardware and software for installations in intralogistics
  • Analysis of flows and consulting for customized solutions
  • Simulations of material flows, for the correct dimensioning of the entire installation
  • Emulation for testing the software both on already existing systems and on future installations
  • Identification and marking systems
  • Advanced traceability with RFID systems
  • Software realisation for supervision, tracking data and synoptic
  • Analysis and study of solutions for the data collection on a cloud platform
  • Interface with management systems
  • Data collection and visualization on mobile devices with IloT technologies (Industrial Internet of Things)
  • Safe system interaction via a mobile panel
  • Production planning and control (MES Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Project management with GAMP 5 approach
  • System validation according to IQ-OQ protocols

Hardware solutions for material handling

  •  Roller conveyors
  •  Chain conveyors
  •  Rail shuttles RGV
  •  Rotary platforms
  •  Rollers/chains transfer devices
  • Elevators and descenders
  • Load stacking devices
  • Load centring devices
  • Empty pallets dispensers
  • Tailor-made devices



Solutions for intralogistics

We develop and produce intralogistics solutions for the transportation and traceability of loads within the production area. The capabilities that Intralogika is able to provide start with the simulation of material flows in the production area and include the development of the hardware completed by the software logic.

The consultancy services and creation of the hardware and software are all carried out exclusively in-house.

Intralogika was set up to act as a partner for manufacturers of processing machines and product storage systems.