Material handling in the pharma sector

Sector: Pharmaceutical // Place: UK

Material handling in the pharma sector

Customer requirement

Fast plant, able to allocate trolleys, containing medical bags of infusion solutions, to autoclaves for sterilization and, subsequently, to the warehouse for storage.  

Special features

  • PLC on board shuttle dedicated to safety management
  • Full Automation


  • The plant manages the handling of trolleys between 2 autoclaves and 2 robots with 12 pick-up and storage stations.
  • Management of double and simultaneous missions: the shuttle serves 2 stations, simultaneously managing loading and unloading of full and empty trolleys.
  • Handling of 300 trolleys per day

A single contact for hardware and software integration

Intralogika is a division of Technowrapp and they work closely to design and produce integrated handling systems.

Every system is developed by listening to the customer’s requirements. We target end customers and system integrators with whom we establish solid partnerships for the integration of systems with wrapping and handling machinery.